Structure Breakdowns: “Manchester by the Sea”

  Kenneth Lonergan’s first writing/directing outing since 2011, Manchester by the Sea is a universal tale grief in which being your brother’s keeper includes all of the big and little baggage that we leave behind for our loved ones to care for, to mend to, and ultimately to preserve. LOGLINE: A troubled janitor must return, permanently, to … More Structure Breakdowns: “Manchester by the Sea”

Translating Loglines into Story Spines

Review and Reiteration Writing is an iterative exercise.  A script is never nailed in one draft.  A script is honed through repetition, sculpting away what’s not needed until all that remains is story we want to tell. We’ve discussed everything from Plot and Story to Dialogue, Narrative, Themes and Metaphors. With all that in mind, … More Translating Loglines into Story Spines

Symbols in Film

The Content… When thinking about images and themes in film, it is important to understand that a special language is created between the viewer and what is seen on screen.  As images, musical themes, dialogue and even colors are repeated in a film, a history of meaning is created for the viewer. Often these symbols … More Symbols in Film

Using Themes

Writing a screenplay is much like an act of sleight-of-hand.  As the writer, you are constantly saying to your audience, “Don’t look over there, look here!”  You do that by deciding what you show to your reader.  What you present to your audience makes an argument for a specific universe with specific values and ideas.  … More Using Themes

Metaphors In Motion

We’ve talked about how to use Dramatic Metaphors.  Let’s take a look at a few examples. Star Wars One of the most iconic image/metaphors the lightsaber in “Star Wars.”  It represents the embodiment of power and skill, the ability to do battle and defend oneself.  To be able to use a lightsaber demonstrates reliance on … More Metaphors In Motion