Art of Dramatic Writing, Part 3: Conflict and Unity

Now that we’ve discussed Egri’s take on the pivotal characters in a script, let’s look at how the protagonist and antagonist work in concert to create the dramatic structure that is your script. Orchestration There is a saying, “There is no action unless there is a need; and there is no need until there is … More Art of Dramatic Writing, Part 3: Conflict and Unity

Plotline Essentials:  “The 8 C’s”

Plotlines vs Loglines As we discussed last week, plotlines and loglines are different. Loglines are selling tools designed to excite an audience.  Plotlines are designed to help you, the writer, clearly understand the beginning, middle and end of your script. A good plotline will distill the essential dramatic elements of your script down to their … More Plotline Essentials:  “The 8 C’s”

Structure Breakdowns: “Whiplash.”

Another Academy Award winning movie written and directed by Damien Chazelle is one of my favorites: Whiplash.  A vicious game of psychological warfare between a talented pupil and psychotic teacher transforms into a fascinating character study and a meditation on what it takes to achieve artistic greatness. LOGLINE: Plagued by the failed writing career of his … More Structure Breakdowns: “Whiplash.”

Structure Breakdowns: “Captain Fantastic”

  Another independent gem from last year was Captain Fantastic places absolute and unquestioned faith in its free-wheeling stance. The story has strong ideas backed up by an even stronger conviction in its wholly unique belief system. It doesn’t exactly stick the landing, but it has a refreshing sense of ambition. LOGLINE: Ben Cash, a single … More Structure Breakdowns: “Captain Fantastic”

Structure Breakdowns: “Manchester by the Sea”

  Kenneth Lonergan’s first writing/directing outing since 2011, Manchester by the Sea is a universal tale grief in which being your brother’s keeper includes all of the big and little baggage that we leave behind for our loved ones to care for, to mend to, and ultimately to preserve. LOGLINE: A troubled janitor must return, permanently, to … More Structure Breakdowns: “Manchester by the Sea”