Expanding the Outline

Expanding the Outline: Building the World

The second course in this 6-part sequence, this class teaches you how to use the outline process to develop a richly detailed story that will enable you to craft a dramatically compelling screenplay.  Working from your synopsis, you’ll learn how to use a beatsheet to flesh out your story into a detailed outline, complete with action, dialogue, narrative and thematic ideas.  You’ll learn how to use wants, goals and action choices to create fully developed characters; how to utilize effective dramatic action in every scene; how to build subplots; and how to structure your script for maximum emotional results.  Lectures will include character development, story structure, narrative voice, working with themes, and using metaphors and imagery.  The goal of the class is to complete a detailed 20-30 page outline that can be translated into a dramatically satisfying screenplay.

Title: Expanding the Outline
Wed Nights, 7:30-10:00, July 5-Sept 13 (10 weeks)
1639 11th St, Ste# 256, Santa Monica, CA
(There is free parking at Santa Monica Craft and Body two doors down and free street parking available after 6. It’s 5 block from the Metro Line.)
Cost: $650

To sign up or for more information, contact Ed!