Shouts & Whispers

Testimonials from Screenwriting Students

“There are plenty of writers out there teaching classes with whom, if you’re lucky, you’ll get through a draft of what you’re writing. But once you’ve finished their class and start another draft or project, you’re back in the dark. Ed doesn’t want to just shed a little light on the process, he wants to pass the torch altogether. He actively tries to impart a specific set of tools for you to be able to continue to develop beyond his teaching.” – Bram Barouh

“Ed is a pro. He is a creative, a smart one, who knows what works and what sells. His key instructions on how to write a screenplay I will remember forever. Ed taught us to believe, to listen and to make intelligent, informed choices.” – Peter O’Brien

“I didn’t know how to write a good screenplay before studying with Ed. He took an under-developed idea I had and helped me turn it into a full-blown beat sheet. I feel 100 percent confident about writing a screenplay now without getting stuck. Anyone who wants to see their ideas actualized into real material for the screen should study with him.” – Aaron Bray

“Taking classes with Ed has changed the way I approach screenwriting. Not only do I feel properly educated about the process, he provides fantastic insight in helping develop the story. I’m very grateful to have been able to learn from Ed, and really enjoyed every class.” – Be Solomon

“I’ve taken several UCLA Extension Screenplay writing classes, other on-line courses, and attended the weekend workshop, “Story” by Robert McKee.  Ed’s class has been by far the best. For the first time, I actually believe I’ll complete my screenplay.” – Kelly Arias
“Ed is a wonderful teacher. I’ve taken many other screenwriting classes, like around 20+.  That is all they were, classes. Ed has not only taught me true screenwriting skills that will last me a lifetime, he has given me true knowledge on what the industry in Hollywood requires.” – Stephanie Rovegno
Notes from Anonymous Course Evaluations

“Truly a great environment for learning.”

“Ed really cares for each and every student and takes the time to work with each as an individual.”

“The course was everything I was missing about writing.  I learned to be patient and take it step by step.”

“Awesome, I could not recommend this class highly enough.”

“Ed brought a level of enthusiasm and experience that made this class a fantastic introduction to screenwriting.”