About Ed Horowitz

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Hey there,

I’ve been a working WGA screenwriter for over 25-years.  I have written major studio movies (On Deadly Ground, Exit Wounds and K9-PI), independent films (Shark in a Bottle), episodic one-hour television (La Femme Nikita), and five one-hour television pilots for Fox, TNT, ABC Family, Lifetime and CBS. (To check out my full writing resume, click here.)

I’ve also written one full-length musical. two full length plays and 50+ produced short plays.  I have a BA in English from UC Berkeley and an MFA in Playwriting from UCLA.  I have taught writing at UCLA School of TFT, UCLA’s Professional Program, UCLA’s Extension Writer’s Program; at the New York Film Academy; and privately.  I also work as a script consultant for producers, directors writers, filmmakers and documentarians.

Screenwriting is a subjective matter.  There is no right or wrong.  There is only the writer’s impulses and his or her creative sensibilities.  I strive to create a free-flowing dialogue in which ideas are expressed, examined, deconstructed and understood in respectful and encouraging environment.  I want you to learn through doing.  It’s through your writing, interaction with other writers and honest analysis of your work that you will discover your talent and grow.

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