Directing Through Punctuation, Part 3.

Backwards and forwards.  As we continue our exploration of how to use punctuation in the narrative description of a screenplay, don’t forget the example we’re looking using. It’s from the first page of Shane Black’s 2005 directorial debut, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang: The girl starts to SCREAM. SHRIEKING.  Writhing in agony.  Tears streaming.  Harold stares … More Directing Through Punctuation, Part 3.

4 Tips for Great Screenwriting

It’s summer, let’s review! Screenwriting is hard work.  Especially when sunshine and warm weather outside beckon.  If you don’t love the writing process, it’s hard to stay focused.  Applying your imagination, creativity and patience on a daily basis requires discipline and determination. It can be a lonely pursuit.  Sometimes no more lonely then when you’re … More 4 Tips for Great Screenwriting

Break Time

The Lie that Tells the Truth Writing is more than just putting words on a page.  Writing is more than constructing a story with a beginning, middle and end.  Writing is absorbing and experiencing life, filtering it through your imagination and finding the truth inside an experience that allows you to communicate your ideas to … More Break Time

On Language in Scripts – Scenes and Narrative (Part 3)

Only tell the reader what is being seen. When describing people, places and situations never tell the reader something that can’t be seen by a person sitting in the theater watching the movie unfold.  Resist the urge to explain or provide exposition.  Do not give us backstory or the inner monologue of any character. Do … More On Language in Scripts – Scenes and Narrative (Part 3)