A Character Checklist

So, we’ve done a lot of talking about characters, who they are, how they function and what they add to your story.  But how do you know you’re on the right track?  Here’s a list of questions about your characters.  If you can answer all these questions with clear, simple and specific examples, you’re on your … More A Character Checklist

Character Functions: Types of Characters

In the 1920, Vladimir Propp was a Russian critic. He was mainly interested in narrative Folk tales as he believe that Folk tales were about the same basic struggles, therefore had the same characters.  According with the Propp theory, characters have a narrative function as they provide a structure for the text. Let’s examine how … More Character Functions: Types of Characters

More Character Thoughts: Backstory, Present and Forward

A character lives in the current moment of a story.  How they arrived at the point is dictated by their backstory.  The events, decisions and choices of their past are what has led them to this moment. The choices that character makes in a story are based on those prior moments plus the ones experienced … More More Character Thoughts: Backstory, Present and Forward