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What I offer…

A WGA writer with 20+ years of professional experience and 5+ years of screenwriting instruction in classrooms and privately, I work with writers and producers to solve concept and script issues at all stages of the process.  From short films to professional television and feature screenplays, I tailor my consulting to your needs, including:

  • All-day and half-day intensives to break stories, craft plots and solve problems.
  • Weekly meetings to provide feedback on story and characters for a draft in progress.
  • Instructional consulting for newer writers.
  • Development notes and consultations on finished scripts.

Based in Los Angeles, I work both in person and remotely via Skype and phone.

What I charge…

Please see my schedule of services and pricing below.  Note that my rates vary depending on your needs and schedule.  When working with new writers, I find 2-hour blocks to be the most productive.  That allows time for review of your work, relevant critique and discussion, an instructional presentation and assignment of homework.  With seasoned writers who are working on revisions, I recommend 2-hour meetings, though 1-hour meetings can be equally productive if I am giving verbal feedback on pages presented for critique.  With producers and writers trying to brainstorm ideas, I recommend half-day or full-day sessions.

Why me…

I have written and produced films for major studios and indies as well as countless unproduced scripts for others.  I have written episodes of freelance one-hour television and a half-dozen one-hour television pilots.  I have written a musical and over 50 produced short plays.  I teach screenwriting, television and playwriting at UCLA Extension and the New York Film Academy, and I have an MFA in Playwriting from UCLA and a BA in English from UC Berkeley.


Script Analysis and Notes

Critique and evaluation are provided within 15 business days (3 weeks).  Assessment includes written notes and a 60-minute conversation in person, by phone or Skype.  Components to be examined include the following:

  • Analysis of Characters
  • Analysis of Plot / Structure
  • Analysis of Tone
  • Analysis of Dialogue
  • Other Notes (obvious typos, presentation, grammar issues, etc.)
  • Overall thoughts

Feature Script or Theatrical Script (120 pages or less):
Price: $500, 3-week turnaround
Over 120 pages, add $100
24-hour turnaround, add $100 extra

TV Pilot or Theatrical Play (approximately 25-65 pages):
Comedy and drama pilots only. No reality.
Price: $375, 3-week turnaround
24-hour turnaround, add $100 extra

Short Script Notes (20 pages or less):
All genres welcome.
Price: $250, 3-day turnaround
24-hour turnaround, add $100 extra

Individual Consulting

Whether a first script, rewrite or production polish, all critique, feedback and instruction is designed to address your needs and time frame.  Handouts and reading provided as needed.

Hourly Rate: $250
Hourly Rate for meetings arranged in advance (2-hr minimum): $200
Day Rate (8 hours): $125/hr
Half-Day Rate (4 hours): $150/hr

Cancellation Policy

24-hr cancellation by email, text or phone.

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