Screenplays make the film business work.  They are more than just words on the page.  They are the magic that sparks a producer’s inspiration, a director’s vision and an actor’s enthusiasm.

A good script requires both art and a craft.  The art comes from your imagination and unique creative voice.  The craft comes from mastering the elements that make a story work: concept, structure, plot, characters, dialogue, scenes, themes and much more.

With this site, I’ve tried to explain how the elements of screenwriting and storytelling work and how to apply them to your own writing for film, television, digital media, theater and any other kind of presentation intended for an audience.

If you’re looking for insight into thoughts on specific aspects of screenwriting like structure, dialogue, subtext, narrative and even screenwriting consultation services, use the search box to find the appropriate posts.

So read on, write on and start crafting your magic onto the page!


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