Structure Breakdowns: “Manchester by the Sea”

  Kenneth Lonergan’s first writing/directing outing since 2011, Manchester by the Sea is a universal tale grief in which being your brother’s keeper includes all of the big and little baggage that we leave behind for our loved ones to care for, to mend to, and ultimately to preserve. LOGLINE: A troubled janitor must return, permanently, to … More Structure Breakdowns: “Manchester by the Sea”

Joseph Campbell: The Hero’s Journey (Part 2)

The Hero’s Journey There has been tons and tons of great material written about Joseph Campbell and his Hero’s Journey.  Here’s my take on his incredible work.  It’s my attempt to simplify it down to its core ideas in “snackable” bites that are easy to comprehend. Joseph Campbell According to Me The hero’s story is … More Joseph Campbell: The Hero’s Journey (Part 2)

Dialogue: The Do, the Don’t and the Out Loud

There are lots of ways for dialogue to be less effective than it should be.  Let’s examine a few: Show, Don’t Tell Characters in a scene are trying to resolve a problem.  If you’ve done your job well, the audience is right there trying to solve the problem with the characters.  Rather than spoon-feed your … More Dialogue: The Do, the Don’t and the Out Loud