Art of Dramatic Writing, Part 5: When You Write Your Script

Dramatic Writing 6

Are You Ready to Write Your Script…?

Egri offers a checklist for making sure you’ve put the necessary thought into your work before you start.  If you’ve done the following 11 steps, your script will be ready to go!

  1. Formulate a premise.
  2. Choose the protagonist.
  3. Choose the antagonist.
  4. Create a unity of opposites.
  5. Choose the other characters, making sure that each is unique and serves a unique purpose.
  6. Define the conflict.
  7. Select the correct point of attack.
  8. Define the change in your characters, know where they start and end.
  9. Chart the growth of your characters through the transitions.
  10. Make sure the dialogue is true to your characters.
  11. Define the climax of your story.

Don’t take it from me, buy the book.

As I said when I started this thread, TADW is one of my most valued and trusted sources for when I’m stuck, need a reminder about some element I’m missing, or just need to check my work.

It’s a “must have” for any serious writer.  Buy it.  Put it on your bookshelf.  And use it.  Your scripts will thank you.  Here’s a link:


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