Beginning Structure

Beginning Structure: The Elements of Dramatic Writing

The start for any serious screenwriter and an excellent refresher course for those looking to hone their skills, the course focuses on the key components of dramatic writing: story structure, plot, character, dialogue, scene structure, theme and genre. You will learn how to generate, evaluate and formulate story ideas for screen, television and other media. You’ll learn how to construct story-driven plots.  And you’ll learn how to create unique and compelling characters. Through script exercises, lectures and discussions, you’ll learn proper screenplay formatting, how to analyze successful stories and how to apply that knowledge to your own work. The goal is to understand how to use the essential elements of screenwriting to write a 4-5 page synopsis that articulates the beginning, middle and end of your story in preparation for creating a more detailed outline and, ultimately, a first draft of your script.


Title: Beginning Structure Class
Mon Nights, 7:30-10:00, July 10-Sept 18 (10 weeks, Labor Day off)
1639 11th St, Ste# 256, Santa Monica, CA
(There is free parking at Santa Monica Craft and Body two doors down and free street parking available after 6. It’s 5 block from the Metro Line.)
Cost: $650

To sign up or for more information, contact Ed!