Directing Through Punctuation, Part 3.

Backwards and forwards.  As we continue our exploration of how to use punctuation in the narrative description of a screenplay, don’t forget the example we’re looking using. It’s from the first page of Shane Black’s 2005 directorial debut, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang: The girl starts to SCREAM. SHRIEKING.  Writhing in agony.  Tears streaming.  Harold stares … More Directing Through Punctuation, Part 3.

On Language in Scripts – Scenes and Narrative (Part 3)

Only tell the reader what is being seen. When describing people, places and situations never tell the reader something that can’t be seen by a person sitting in the theater watching the movie unfold.  Resist the urge to explain or provide exposition.  Do not give us backstory or the inner monologue of any character. Do … More On Language in Scripts – Scenes and Narrative (Part 3)